Highly Commended: Ian Hosking-Richards, Rocket Property Group

Highly Commended: Ian Hosking-Richards, Rocket Property Group

“He is very approachable and had lots of valuable information, which he is more than happy to share. He’s very good at explaining complex issues to new investors like myself.” – Alan Wyness

-I have been nominated for the Readers Choice Awards in the past, and I have even won a few awards. But it still feels special! That said, I do not work in isolation; I am merely the public face of a very dedicated and professional team. It would be wrong of me to take all the credit for my awards.

-I am a great delegator! I know my own strengths and weaknesses, and those of my team. Individual tasks are allocated based on the best fi t, but overall our goal is to make it a seamless experience for the landlord.

-Property managers are an essential part of your team. They should be experienced, mature, high-detail, methodical and able to cope under stress.

-To choose the right property manager, investors should look for a career professional who is passionate about and dedicated to the industry, rather than someone who has just left school and is looking for a job to earn money.