Highly Commended: Carolyn Weston, Positive Real Estate

Highly Commended: Carolyn Weston, Positive Real Estate

“I have found Carolyn to be very hard working, honest and professional with all our dealings. At no stage did we feel misled or pressured and that she had taken our interests, abilities and circumstances very seriously. Having been disappointed many years ago and having our ‘fi ngers burnt’, subsequently steering away from property investment, we have been extremely happy and would have no hesitation recommending her to others.” – Penny Cheong

-I have worked in Tasmania for five years now and have gained many beautiful clients, helping them daily with research on strategy, finance, budgeting and property. I was blown away to hear how eager everyone was with nominations. I have always believed that when you give, you receive, and it has been my pleasure to serve the Hobart, Launceston, Devonport and Burnie communities for the past five years.

-Having been in the industry just on 10 years now, and having spoken to many thousands of people over the years across different states of Australia, I can comfortably say there is a common theme with regard to the importance of trust in this industry. I would like a dollar for every time I have heard someone say they had been given bad advice or sold a product that did not perform to their expectation.

-‘Expectation’ is the key word there.  How does one know the ‘advice’ they are given is in their best interests? This is where experience, time in the industry and results are the key.

-When selecting a mentor, ask what accreditations that person has acquired, what results previous clients have experienced and what hands-on experience the advisor has had themselves. How eager people are to recommend the advisor, I believe, is also a good indicator.

-Then, go with your gut! It’s important you feel comfortable, so do your research, ask the tough questions, and most importantly talk to people who use that person themselves. There is nothing like hearing it first-hand from someone else.