Highly Commended: Bryce Holdaway, Empower Wealth

Highly Commended: Bryce Holdaway, Empower Wealth

“Having been on the journey of property investment for a few years, I can easily feel how vulnerable we ordinary people are in this competitive market. Bryce loves helping people and is always available on the phone or via email when I need help. He is not only a very knowledgeable person in his field of work, but more importantly is generous in spreading his knowledge.”
– Dr Behdin Abed

-Being a finalist in these awards is very exciting and humbling! I feel I’ve contributed significantly to helping raise the profi le of buyers’ agents in Australia, through bringing our profession into people’s lounge rooms via my role as co-host of Location Location Location Australia on Foxtel’s Lifestyle channel. To be recognised in an award that is voted on by the people you’ve actually helped provides me with enormous job satisfaction.

-I’ve seen so many investors take advice from ‘advisors’ who have a massive conflict of interest, where they are not only giving the advice to their client but they also have an off-the-shelf solution ready-made. That’s not independent! A trusted buyer’s agent should not have their income tied to a predetermined property purchase and should be able to adapt to multiple markets and property types to satisfy their client’s brief.

-Once independence is established, then it comes down to being able to interpret a client’s tailored requirements, having appropriate emotional intelligence to communicate effectively at an individual level to all types of personalities, having enough technical sense to understand the difference between investment grade
property and investment stock, and foreseeing obstacles before they arise, whilst at the same time calling on their well-honed negotiation skills to match it with the real estate agent – all to secure a suitable outcome for their client.

-After scores of conversations with property investors over almost 20 years as a buyer’s agent, and after personally reviewing hundreds of portfolios over that time, I’m convinced that a property investor will pay in one of four ways:
1. Procrastination
2. Buying the wrong property
3. Paying too much, or
4. Professional help

Investors can avoid the first three by employing an experienced and competent buyer’s agent and letting the compounding effect work to their advantage.