Highly Commended: Brad Turville, BJT Financial

Highly Commended: Brad Turville, BJT Financial

“Brad is a very thorough and honest accountant. He always follows up very quickly and I feel he goes above and beyond for his clients. He is an essential part of my property team.”
– Brad Croston

-Being nominated in the 2016 Readers Choice Awards is the cherry on top of doing what I love every day. I believe as an advisor it’s my job to stay ahead of the curve and help my clients to the best of my ability, and to be recognised is a wonderful milestone.

-We are all subject to taxation, but you are mad if you don’t take measures to minimise it. A trusted tax advisor should be a main player in your corner to help plan for future tax consequences, to put strategies in place to reduce or defer tax, and to help structure your affairs to suit your goals.

-Not seeking specialist advice often comes back to bite people. This decision is usually fee-driven; however, over the years I’ve found the tax, asset protection and estate planning consequences down the line far outweigh any upfront advice fees. Considerations include the buying entity or person, the loan structure and timing, to name a few.

-A failure to undertake annual tax planning can also cause issues. The timing of events can signifi cantly affect your annual tax bill – or refund! Prepaying expenses, pushing forward or pulling back receipt of income or sale contracts, trust distributions and superannuation contributions are a few areas to review.

-Are you getting a good return on your investment? If you have an accountant already, ask this question of them. What I mean by this is: think of the fees you pay for tax advice as an investment. Your return on investment may include greater tax savings or improved cash flow and also intangible benefits, such as sleeping easy at night, knowing your financial affairs are now in order.

-To grow and improve all parts of our lives, be that personally, on our wealth journey or in business, we need to surround ourselves with experts. Unless you enjoy reading tax legislation in your spare time, a tax advisor will be a valuable resource.