Highly Commended: Andrew Crossley, Australian Property Advisory Group

Highly Commended: Andrew Crossley, Australian Property Advisory Group

“Andrew has endured he has focused on my needs from our first interaction. His knowledge, advice and manner have made it easy to trust someone with our investment responsibilities. He really has made investing simple.” – Craig Doig

-I go about my weekly job, trying to build trust, managing expectations and fi nding the best properties for my clients. It is fabulous to be recognised for what I do and I would like to thank the awards committee of the 2016 Readers Choice Awards for this opportunity. I would also like to thank all those that nominated me, my wonderful clients.

-Many investors are time poor; they don’t have access to the research tools or data to assist them in making a more informed decision. A buyer’s agent specialising in investors knows which data to analyse and compare; they do all the legwork, taking the time and hassle out of the search.

It allows the client greater potential in accessing properties they may not otherwise have known about. The buyer’s agent can also negotiate (perhaps acquiring the property at a much better price than the client themselves) or attend an auction as part of the process (eliminating the risk of emotion being involved, or going over budget).

-A good buyer’s agent will mentor you, prepare a tailored property plan and assist you in implementing the plan in an effort to achieve your short-, medium- and long-term goals, whilst considering your risk profile, appetite, equity or cash flow needs, and ongoing borrowing capacity, maximising this as they go, and keeping focus on future income needs.

-Importantly, they should have their own portfolio of properties and have negotiated and purchased many properties for their clients, giving them the necessary experience. They should be a fully licensed real estate agent, not just an agent’s representative – in other words, they should have a more in-depth education and knowledge, and perhaps be licensed across several states of Australia to allow flexibility and to enable them to assist their client in a greater capacity.