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Parth Shah, Jabsons Finance

Parth Shah

 Investment Savvy Mortgage Broker
Jabsons Finance

 30 Duranta Drive,Gowanbrae,Vic 3043
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To win a place in the Top 100 list after just five years in the industry is an incredible achievement for the founder of Jabsons Finance, Parth Shah. What makes it even more important to him is that he did not come from a finance background.

In fact, Shah was very happy in a full-time role in a different industry, but a bad experience with a mortgage broker changed his path. After his wife became pregnant, the couple decided to purchase a new home, but he says the mortgage broker never took the time to understand their goals.

The valuation of their existing property came up short, and the couple began cleaning houses at weekends to try to make up the rest of the money.

“By the time I completed the process of finalising the loan and building the house, I knew a lot about mortgage broking, I had read a lot of books and spoken to a lot of mortgage brokers and bankers,” Shah says.

Still not able to get the right help when later trying to purchase an investment property, Shah began doing a course in finance, though he didn’t intend to pursue it as a career. It was not until friends came to him for help and then referred their other friends to him that he decided to quit his job and work as a mortgage broker full-time.

Five years later, this is the first time Shah has applied for an MPA Top 100 listing. Although he’s faced challenges over the last 12 months, he says avoiding ‘shiny object syndrome’ and having an amazing team and family has helped him get to where he is today.

“My team are my pride. Our team leader, loan processing team, settlements and compliance team have gone above and beyond for each and every client of ours, and without them this would not be possible,” Shah says.

Built on the mantra of “respect”, Jabsons Finance’s main customer base is investors with multiple properties. Shah says he tells them no when something can’t be done, and he constantly communicates with them during the process and afterwards as well.

“They needed someone like us in their corner,” he says. “They know the advice is coming from an expert who has done this multiple times, so they can rely on our advice. Our clients know that when it comes to making decisions they can make the right choice with confidence.”