Narelle Kerstan
Gloss Finance

Narelle Kerstan, Gloss Finance

Narelle Kerstan

Mortgage Broker & Director
Gloss Finance

 2/221 Collins St, Hobart
  03 62244460
  [email protected]

In the “big small town” that is Hobart, a business’ success is best measured by two things: the number of quality referrals and maintaining customer satisfaction. Award-winning broker Narelle Kersten ticks off on both these factors in spades.

In fact, for Gloss Finance, an impressive 7 out of 10 new business customers are referrals - a benchmark Narelle continually strives to exceed. Combined with an outstanding repeat business rate and steadily increasing stream of new business, this three-pronged client satisfaction-driven approach forms the crux of Narelle’s successful business model. And arguably the three key drivers for industry success.

How does she achieve this industry “triple-threat” status?  

Firstly, having over 28 years in the finance industry, 18 of which have been spent laser-focused on her specialty of Mortgage Broking, Narelle credits her success with the way she anchors her passion with continual training and knowledge-building in this fast-moving sector.

Secondly, whether helping her clients into their own home or building their wealth through an investment portfolio, Narelle understands the pressure, uncertainty and stress that can be associated with these processes. This is why Narelle takes client service one step further by sharing her knowledge; helping to educate her clients so they also feel empowered and included and therefore confident as they are guided through their financial journey.

Rounding these approaches out is the understanding that finding the right result, and doing so as quickly as possible, are crucial to exceeding customer expectations.

Of course, even with all these boxes ticked, the personal passion and care that Narelle weaves into the client experience are what gives her business its unique flavour. When working with Narelle, clients frequently comment on her next-level passion and clear love for what she does.

Narelle’s referral rate is both a credit to, and proof of the trust, education, empowerment, expert guidance, knowledge, experience, care, compassion - and of course passion - she provides for clients as they are purchasing or refinancing.

To build that trust to a level where long-standing clients continually refer friends, family and colleagues, who then in turn become long-standing clients, alongside her efficiently run office - and a work ethic that has to be witnessed to be believed! - have seen Gloss Finance continue to be renowned as one of the most popular, successful and fast-growing businesses in Hobart.