Helen Avis
Specialist Mortgage

Helen Avis, Specialist Mortgage

Helen Avis

Director of Finance
Specialist Mortgage

 8/166 Brighton Road, Scarborough, WA 6019 Australia
  +61 8 9205 6828
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This year's recognition in the MPF awards adds to a long list of achievements and awards for the Director of Specialist Mortgage, Helen Avis, who attributes her success simply to hard work.

Ms Avis' accomplished career spanning more than 30 years has been built on her tenacity to respond to clients' requirements promptly and professionally, going beyond the standard to secure the best financial packages in the market.

Over the past 12 months, the market has become hugely competitive and experienced a meteoric rise in housing values. Unprecedented low-interest rates have not only attracted homebuyers but also resulted in property investors returning to the market along with high levels of refinancing.

In the 20/21 financial year alone, Helen settled $145 million in loans, a 67% increase on the previous period with no signs of stagnation in the current market. In fact, this year is looking to again beat the previous financial year, with July 2021 being a record for Helen settling more the $25 million in loans, a whopping 49 settlements.

With 80% of Ms Avis' business generated from existing clients and client referrals, Helen and her team have been cognisant of maintaining exceptional customer service in their busiest periods. Her communication style, empathy, transparency and problem-solving skills bring people back time and time again.

Having experienced the trials and tribulations of expatriate life herself, Helen has established a trusted position within the Australian expatriate market, whose demographic often find it hard to secure attractive lending and refinance options whilst living overseas.

Securing Australian finance for expats and foreign investors on time is a complicated process. Ms Avis' extensive experience and knowledge of expat financial package terms and conditions and successfully communicating them to banks to get finance approved have set her apart from other brokers.

Whilst the pandemic has created unique challenges and opportunities. One positive Helen has taken away is the importance of being compassionate to clients, especially those who have faced job uncertainty and financial distress or have experienced delays in getting loan documents signed and notarised through lockdown restrictions.

Whilst 2022 is gearing up to be the most successful year yet for Helen Avis. She recognises that there is no substitute for hard work and extraordinary customer service.