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Bayside Residential and Commercial Mortgages

Kevin Wheatley, Bayside Residential and Commercial Mortgages

Kevin Wheatley

Bayside Residential and Commercial Mortgages

 Suite 403, Level 4, 447 Kent Street Sydney NSW 2000
 02 8355 2008
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Having gained in excess of four decades of work experience in business, logistics and economics lecturing combined with extensive travel across key Asian markets, I have learned to draw from such diverse and broad knowledge and experience when working with clients – be it in residential development projects, specialised commercial developments and finance facilities or clients looking to expand and grow internationally.

Understanding the world finance and economics coupled with a strong and growing network of local and international partners with whom I have worked in excess of 40 years, have placed me in a unique position in the Australian broking market to be able to structure bespoke, appropriate, sustainable and compliant solutions for my clients. Understanding commercial finance involves understanding the law, understanding how different industries operate, understanding accounting and most of all understanding the client’s position.  

Additionally I am in a privileged position to leverage my industry network and proven track record and results to constantly grow our pipeline of residential and commercial development projects including off-market opportunities – the current collective value of which stands at circa $2.5B!

As a commercial broker, dealing with intelligent and capable clients is a rewarding experience when they trust you to deliver results for them, not only today but also in the long term. My ability to listen to each individual client and understand their unique personal and financial situation and then present options that are aligned with their goals is what being a commercial broker is all about – it’s being accountable for the recommendations and advice that you provide in a compliant, transparent and commercially feasible manner balancing the client’s financial position as well as the lender’s risk appetite and obligations. I have a duty of care to inform, guide, constructively challenge and advise my clients across diverse and often complicated financial products.

The constantly evolving financial services climate has presented significant challenges to our industry and maintaining a competitive edge by delivering and adding value on each and every transaction remains our primary focus. Additionally, I remain focused on raising the standards of ethical and responsible brokering in the industry and ensuring compliance with regulatory and legislative obligations through regular investment in my own and the team’s ongoing professional development through workshops and programs run by registered and industry approved learning and development organisations.