Female Leaders in the Mortgage Industry |
Elite Women 2023

Breaking boundaries

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Mortgage Professional Australia recognises the Elite Women of 2023 as trailblazing female leaders who serve as influential role models in a field marked by declining female representation, which, at 25%, is the lowest proportion observed by the MFAA.

Through their extraordinary achievements and impact, this year’s cohort pushed through barriers and inspired other women in the mortgage industry to create their own destiny by:

  • prioritising integrity, honesty and transparency

  • being authentic and staying true to their principles and values

  • fostering supportive networks

  • promoting fair and inclusive workplaces

  • advocating for and mentoring aspiring female leaders


Victoria Coster, Credit Fix Solutions
“Be there for each other in a genuine way, be open-minded and let everyone know you’re here for them”
Victoria Coster Credit Fix Solutions


“The women who maintain high levels of confidence are good at knowing what their beliefs, values and purpose are,” says Jane Counsel, co-founder and executive coach at thrive4women and research lead for the MFAA’s Opportunities for Women initiative.

The FBAA’s national partnerships manager, Leah Renwick, feels that a commitment to learning, professional development, and diversity and inclusion should be high on an Elite Woman’s agenda.

“It is up to all of us to foster education and understanding for the next generation that this is an industry of acceptance and gender diversity, and we will lead the way for equality and inclusion in the workplace,” she says.


What is an exceptional female leader?

While 2023’s Elite Women share similar challenges across the mortgage industry, their solutions-driven approach is as unique and compelling as their accomplishments.

Founder and CEO of Credit Fix Solutions, Victoria Coster, has changed the face of the country’s credit repair industry by building a business that brokers and industry partners trust.

“I’ve shone a light on the fact that credit repair can be a valuable support service for the broking industry,” she says. “It’s taken me nine years to gain respect from other heads of businesses within finance, but how I overcame that is by working together and collaborating; this is the only way we’re going to move forward.”

Coster counts among her career highlights:

  • serving as vice president on the NSW Council for the FBAA
  • creating a tool kit and credit reporting essentials guide for brokers

Fellow winner Kristy Clucas is BOQ Group’s head of broker strategy, partnerships and performance for its multibrand (BOQ, ME and Virgin Money) broker channel.

Her achievements include:

  • shaping the organisation’s digital banking platform
  • building out its new home loans end-to-end process
  • being a team leader in BOQ’s women in leadership program

“It’s been a long time in the making. Lots of people contributed, and I’m super proud of what my team and I have accomplished in building it,” she says. “By embracing gender diversity in our workplaces, we create a better perspective and culture. I’ve been lucky to have worked with supportive leaders who have encouraged me to remain true to myself.”

Kristy Clucas, BOQ Group
“Advocate for each other, encourage them to step out of their comfort zone and give support and recognition”
Kristy Clucas BOQ Group


Elite Women prioritise giving back to
the community and industry

Everlend’s director and finance broker, Evelyn Clark, has earned widespread recognition throughout the mortgage broking community for her thought leadership, social media content and dedication to client service. She has also cemented her status as a top sales performer and her brokerage as industry-leading.

“It’s an inspirational aspect, but I’m proud of being that person that people look up to as a young female in the mortgage industry and sharing how you can run a business that’s not just about mortgages,” she says. “It’s important to stay true to our power as females because that has gotten us our success; clients want to work with women because we’re good at building relationships with our customers and peers.”

Clark’s accomplishments include:

  • launching a podcast, You Have My Interest, in partnership with the brokerage’s wellness specialist, aimed at women aged 25 to 35
  • being a member of LMG’s Young Business Owners community
  • supporting and mentoring young women along their career paths

After two decades of success in a related financial services field, Adele Andrews, director and mortgage broker at Australian Property Home Loans, took a leap of faith to build a thriving brokerage.

“It’s more difficult as a mature entrant to a new industry, but it’s been life-changing for me, especially with the impact you can have on people and their lives,” she says. “I think there’s so much opportunity in this industry for women, and working with a female mortgage broker has distinct advantages in their ability to relate and connect. It would be lovely to see that marketed more heavily.”

Among Andrews’ notable achievements are:

  • creating New Beginnings, a project founded in collaboration with a family lawyer to support women coming out of a relationship with education and guidance on navigating finances and the mortgage of the family home
  • providing informative and educational media contributions



Redefining success paves the way forward
for aspiring female leaders

These female leaders have eschewed a stereotype of success that solely centres around writing high business volumes. Instead, they subscribe to their own definitions that align with their personal and professional goals.

Coster: “I wake up every day and get to do what I love to do. I give back to charities, and when someone calls and says, ‘Thank you. You’ve just changed my life’, that’s success for me.”

Clucas: “It’s about allowing myself to excel professionally and make a positive impact in the workplace, continuing to grow as a leader, but at the same time, I want to be actively involved in my children’s lives. I’m a lot more present now for my family, which makes me a better employee because I’m happier.”

Clark: “When I started, I didn’t clearly understand what I wanted to achieve, but I realised what I love about the industry is working with customers. That expanded to include helping other brokers. Success isn’t just about what I’m achieving; it’s about creating a sustainable environment for everyone on the team.”

Andrews: “With every person I approach, I want them to walk away and say, ‘Wow! That was amazing!’ I want everyone to feel empowered or wowed by their conversation with me and be better off for the experience.”

Getting to the top of their industry hasn’t been a linear progression, with challenges and pitfalls along the way, so each of MPA’s featured Elite Women of 2023 shares the lessons they have learned.

Coster: “It’s been so important in the past year for me to get out there and reconnect with my broker partners and have meaningful conversations.”

Clucas: “The mortgage industry is forever changing, and we’ve had to change from the banking side of things. You can’t get comfortable because there’s always something else that’s going to pop up, and you need to be ready for it and continue to flow with that change.”

Clark: “I’ve worked a lot on the business, its vision, team and culture, and the biggest lesson I’ve learned is when everyone is working towards a common vision, your business will go to the next level.”

Andrews: “You have to keep showing up and being the face of your brand, pushing boundaries, trying new things and getting uncomfortable. Often, the most uncomfortable things turn out to be the most rewarding.”


Evelyn Clark, Everlend
“Always be willing to give advice, support and your time because they, in turn, will give back to others”
Evelyn ClarkEverlend 



From the Sponsor

ANZ is a proud sponsor of the second annual MPA Elite Women, designed to spotlight the leading women in the mortgage industry. This prestigious list celebrates and recognises the role that women play in supporting Australians to achieve their home ownership or business goals as brokers, aggregators or lender representatives.

We’re excited to partner with MPA once again to highlight the value, skill and talent that these exceptional female leaders bring to mortgage broking and finance. We remain committed to working better together with brokers, aggregators and industry partners to foster an inclusive culture and enhance the diversity of our industry.

Natalie Smith  
General Manager
ANZ Retail Broker

Female Leaders in the Mortgage Industry | Elite Women 2023

  • Alissa Childs
    Two Birds One Loan
  • Andrea McNaughton
    Group Executive, Residential
  • Angela Tracey
    Director of Broker Success
  • Anita Hyde
    Former Head of Specialised and Private, Commercial Broker
  • Anja Pannek
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Ashleigh Pakis
    Panache Financial Mortgage Specialist
  • Belinda Gibson
    TM Finance Group
  • Carol King
    Mortgage Broker
  • Caroline Jean-Baptiste
    Lending Specialist and Owner
    Mortgage Choice Fortitude Valley
  • Catherine McFarlane
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Deslie Taylor
    Mortgage Choice Ormeau, Beenleigh and Surrounds
  • Elouise Dooley
    Director and Finance Broker
    Two Birds One Loan
  • Emma Cattermole
    Wealthfolio Financial Services
  • Gordana Bailey
    Business Development Manager
    Allianz Insurance
  • Gouthami Minupala
    Relationship Manager
    Secure Finance
  • Heather Gallagher
    Head of Training and Education
    outsource Financial
  • Helen Avis
    Director of Finance – Specialist Finance
    Specialist Mortgage
  • Isabella Constantinou
    Associate Director
    Simplicity Loans & Advisory
  • Joanna James
    The Artemis Space
  • Joanne Croft
    Mortgage Choice Tweed Coast/Northern NSW
  • Kat Tunnock
    Head of Learning and Development
    Cinch Loans
  • Kelly Carter
    Mortgage Choice
  • Kerri Buurman
    Buurman Finance Solutions
  • Kirsty McKinnon
    Flair Finance
  • Kylie Quenon
    Business Owner
    GO Mortgage
  • Leanne Johnstone
    Mortgage Choice Lane Cove
  • Liz Ford
    Finestream Capital
  • Louisa Sanghera
    Principal Broker
    Zippy Financial Group
  • Madeleine Dart
    National Brand Manager
    outsource Financial
  • Maele Alchin
    Senior Mortgage Broker
  • Maninder Kaur
    Loan Market
  • Meleah Taylor
    Customer Service Manager
    Foster Ramsay Finance
  • Melissa Wright
    Director and Mortgage Broker
    Zest Mortgage Solutions
  • Mhairi MacLeod
    Managing Director and Principal Broker
    Astute Ability Group
  • Natalie Denyer
    Mortgage Broker
    Birdie Wealth
  • Natalie Smith
    General Manager, Retail Broker
  • Navjeet Kaur
    Mortgage Broker
    Everest Loans Melbourne
  • Nicole Tosev
    Sales Operations Manager – Aggregation
  • Nicole Walton
    Finance Broker
    Finch Financial Services
  • Nikki Berzin
    Cherry Lending + Finance
  • Patti Eyers
    Chief Executive Officer
    First Mortgage Services and First Title
  • Pauline Blight-Johnston
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Preeti Kowshik
    Senior Mortgage Broker
    Home Loan Experts
  • Renee Blethyn
    Head of Broker Partnerships
  • Rooma Nanda
    All R Loans
  • Sarah Thomson
  • Sarah Madigan
    State Manager, WA/QLD/SA/NT
  • Sarah Willsallen
    State General Manager
    Westpac Group
  • Sharon Piening
    The 500 Group
  • Sonja Pfitz
    Pfitz Financial
  • Susan George
    Business Development Manager
    Suncorp Group
  • Suzi Trajanovski
    National Director, Growth
  • Tanya Sale
    Chief Executive Officer
    outsource Financial
  • Tes Anderson
    Partnership Manager
  • Vivienne Than
    Senior Mortgage Broker
    Home Loan Experts
  • Yasmine Shah
    Chief Impact Broker
    Impact Brokers


As part of our editorial process, Key Media’s researchers interviewed the subject matter experts below for their independent analysis of this report and its findings.
  • Jane Counsel
    Jane Counsel
    Co-Founder and Executive Coach, thrive4women
    Research Lead, MFAA’s Opportunities for Women initiative
  • Leah Renwick
    Leah Renwick
    National Partnerships Manager


Applications are now open



In May of this year, MPA invited industry professionals from across the country to nominate exceptional female leaders for its Elite Women 2023 list. Nominees had to be working in a role that related to, interacted with, or in some way impacted the industry and should have demonstrated a clear passion for their work.

Nominators were asked to describe the nominee’s standout professional achievements over the past 12 months, initiatives and innovations, and contributions to the mortgage industry.

After a thorough review of all the nominations, the MPA team narrowed down the list to the final 66 Elite Women who have made their mark on the industry.

MPA’s Elite Women report is proudly sponsored by ANZ.