Affordable Staff

Affordable Staff is an Australia and New Zealand-based outsourcing business that supplies dedicated virtual assistants that are upskilled and trained to adapt to their clients’ businesses. Our constantly growing Philippines office employs ‘Incredible, Motivated and Driven People’ who truly care about the quality of their work, and how they can best help their clients.

Our team have developed efficiency-driven mortgage broking-specific training, as well as workflow and process templates that can be applied and adapted to an individual broker or at a larger scale. With a team of over 120 (and growing weekly) mortgage broker VAs based in Bacolod City, we are working with brokers across the country to help them remove time-consuming, low-value tasks off the desks of key local personnel so that they can focus on helping more customers with higher-service-level delivery.

With close to 15 years’ experience, Affordable Staff has finely tuned its recruitment, training and client-matching process that results in great outcomes for its broker clients and their end customers.

Company Name:
Affordable Staff

Telephone No.:
1300 139 482

[email protected]