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MPA celebrates the 2024 Rising Stars, a top-performing collective of the best mortgage brokers driving extraordinary results for their organisations and clients. 

The winners on MPA’s 13th annual list are fresh-to-industry go-getters aged 35 and under, already making waves in Australia’s broking community for their energy, passion and ambition to succeed.

Despite persistent market challenges during the 12-month period of this report ending 30 September 2023, the top five Rising Stars wrote loans of over $418 million.

As 2022 winner Eva Loisance, now Finni Mortgages’ broker division manager, says, “Being named a Rising Star boosted my credibility and visibility among other brokers and potential clients, who recognised my skills and achievements. Since then, I have built a solid clientele and received continuous referrals.”

Oliver Li, managing director of BP Mortgage and an approved mentor of the FBAA, lists the qualities required of Rising Stars:

  • attention to detail
  • hardworking with a can-do attitude
  • after-hours service/availability
  • client flexibility

This is echoed by Luke Burruto of Loan Gallery Finance, who says, “They don’t have an array of experience and an existing client base they can use to demonstrate credibility, so they need to know their stuff, and for them to stand out, it’s about showing passion for what they do, a commitment to helping the client at all costs and a focus on building lifetime clients.” 


Carl Hou – AUSUN Finance
Age: 34
Passion and teamwork drive emerging leader to the forefront


Hou took a leap of faith when he started his mortgage broker journey in 2022, knowing it would take time to earn the income he needed to support his young family. But thanks to his clear vision and focus, he is now a senior mortgage broker respected by his peers for his positive impact at his brokerage and in the broader industry.

“It was hard the first year on the financial side,” he says. “But when I felt uncertain, my wife was supportive and encouraged me to go for what I wanted. I couldn’t have achieved being a Rising Star without my team and my family.”

In addition to being a top sales performer with a remarkable 90% conversion rate, a by-the-numbers look at a recent one-year period highlights why Hou stands out:

  • helped 167 customers with their home loan journey or refinancing
  • attended 25 events as a host or speaker
  • scheduled 50 business development appointments

He has a genuine passion for helping clients navigate the maze of home financing options and secure their dream homes, and that commitment to service extends to his team.

“Carl is a lending coach in the Box Hill branch, supporting junior brokers,” a colleague says. “He is not only an experienced lender but also a visionary leader committed to imparting his knowledge to the next generation of mortgage brokers.”

An important lesson Hou learned early in his career was imparted by an important mentor, who told him that being a mortgage broker is not only a job. He would have to adopt the mindset of a business owner, nurture and develop a team, gain expertise and be a leader.

“I’ve found that balance now,” Hou says.

Always looking to make a positive impact, Hou dedicates one hour daily to self-learning and development and reviews his cases regularly to discover a new perspective.

He says, “If you come to me with a clear goal, I’m the person to help you achieve it. If you’re not that clear on your goal, I’ll use all my resources to help you figure out what you need.” 


Carl Hou, AUSUN Finance
“When you’re coaching and supporting others, sharing your experience and giving back, we all benefit from what each other has learned”
Carl HouAUSUN Finance


Laura Metelovski – GA Finance Solutions
Age: 25
Paving the way for female representation in finance broking

Regarded as an “absolute rock” of the GA Finance Solutions team over the past two years, Metelovski has thrived in her role as finance broker. Her infectious personality and strong work ethic make a lasting impression on clients, peers and partners.

“My success stems from a relentless dedication and commitment to my job,” she says. “Cultivating strong professional relationships is critical to being successful in our industry. It’s the combination of passion and perseverance that has helped me to succeed.”

This approach is lauded by industry expert Rachael McKenzie, business manager at Loan Gallery Finance, who says, “Never underestimate how valuable providing positive customer service can be for a client. Going above and beyond can give you a client for life who can be one of your biggest advocates.”

Hungry to become a better broker for her clients, Metelovski strives to give them what they’ve asked for: the best value and the most relevant solution for their needs. She has secured her place among the largest loan writers by volume at GA Finance Solutions, garnering positive feedback from lenders on the quality of her submissions.

She stays ahead of the curve by attending industry-specific courses and relevant workshops. Networking and seeking mentorship are also at the top of her agenda to augment her knowledge base.

The Rising Star has honed several strategies enabling her rapid rise:

  • displaying a client-centric approach
  • building strong lender relationships
  • conducting thorough market research
  • utilising Instagram (@laura_gafinance) as an educational tool

“A pivotal lesson in my career is to embrace failure as fuel for my growth,” Metelovski says. “Each setback is an opportunity to learn, pivot and improve.”

In support of her recognition, a senior industry leader says, “When looking at the industry, and with the support of AFG, Laura is now a regular at many women in broker events. Without a doubt, she is poised to become widely recognised within the industry and emerge as a leading female broker.” 


Laura Metelovski, GA Finance Solutions
“Resilience, along with commitment to continuous improvement, has not only shaped my professional journey but will hopefully promote long-term success”
Laura MetelovskiGA Finance Solutions


Jarod Gilmartin – Loan Market Canberra
Age: 31
Initiative drives capital city broker to the top


With an exceptional reputation as a highly skilled and motivated mortgage broker within the Loan Market network, Gilmartin has differentiated himself by going above and beyond to ensure that clients receive expert support and guidance to make informed decisions.

“We’ve got a strong environment that challenges everyone, and that drives us all to succeed because we want to contribute to the team,” he says.

Learning on the job has benefited Gilmartin, as he seizes client situations to add to his knowledge base. He also participates in Loan Market PD days and various workshops to stay abreast of the dynamic mortgage landscape. 


Known as a top performer and prolific lead generator, Gilmartin is also making his mark in the industry on other fronts:

  • participated in a conference with Ray White and Loan Market aimed at strengthening agent relationships and finding better ways to collaborate within businesses
  • awarded eighth place in Loan Market’s Awards for Settlement from Ray White agents internationally in his first year of broking

His nominator says, “Jarod’s initiative and drive have been a great asset to our organisation, and we are continually impressed by the fresh ideas and enthusiasm he brings to the table.”

Being in a work environment where everyone strives to improve their results, client experience and solutions have motivated Gilmartin to stay at the top.

He says, “Time is valuable for brokers, so making sure we manage it well is important, just as it is to take advantage of those downtimes.” 


Jarod Gilmartin, Loan Market Canberra
“Having a strong focus on the client is what gets me through to finding solutions, navigating the industry and giving me a strong purpose”
Jarod Gilmartin Loan Market Canberra


Ayushi Patel – Cinch Loans
Age: 28
Delivering value in finance broking

After moving to Australia in 2023, Patel put her banking experience to good use when she embarked on a new career as a finance broker at the award-winning brokerage in Docklands, Victoria. In less than a year, her determination to succeed have left a lasting impression.

“I’ve got a long way to go,” she says. “But the goal that’s kept me going since my banking days is to deliver value to the customer and look out for their best interest.”

McKenzie believes new entrants need additional skills.

She says, “When you have fresh-to-industry brokers who have a positive customer service attitude, a strong work ethic, problem-solving skills and enthusiasm for sales, if you provide them with a strong onboarding, they can truly excel.”

Patel is doing just this as she strives to achieve customer service excellence. She has already earned praise from colleagues for building up the mortgage book and client and referral networks. She credits the mentoring and support she receives at Cinch for helping her get established.

Patel is excelling quickly due to a combination of factors:

  • data-driven strategy
  • technology
  • financial education
  • focus on excellence

In putting her forward for recognition, a nominator says, “She is a voice for the industry, especially for females and young adults trying to get financial independence through the property ladder, and she is working hard to achieve that every single day.”

With a future goal to be known as one of the top brokers in the country, Patel recalls an important lesson learned from a mentor: a problem is never a problem until you make it a problem.

“That taught me you need to focus on the solution rather than thinking about the problem,” she says. “Otherwise, you’ll never get out of the problem.” 


Ayushi Patel, Cinch Loans
“The joy I see on the client’s face when I’m educating them as we start our journey is rewarding in that you know they’re satisfied, and they trust you”
Ayushi Patel Cinch Loans



From the Sponsor

ING has sponsored MPA’s Rising Stars for the last seven years, and we’re honoured to do so again in 2024.

For more than 20 years, brokers have partnered with us to support customers at every stage of their homeownership journey. Today, about 90% of our home loans originate via the third party channel, so investing in emerging brokers is crucial for our business and, importantly, our customers. This is why we are so honoured to sponsor MPA’s Rising Stars.

A steady stream of young brokers entering the industry is essential for the longevity and sustainability of the mortgage broker channel. A successful broker is characterised as being customer-focused, determined, dedicated, resilient, a good listener and someone who demonstrates genuine care. The Rising Stars in this report all possess these traits, and it’s encouraging to see such young talent emerge.

Each new year brings new challenges for the broker industry, and I’m confident the industry will take these challenges in stride. The broker channel will show its resilience and go from strength to strength. I’m confident the cohort of Rising Stars 2024 will contribute a fresh perspective, a vital ingredient in an evolving market.

It gives me great pleasure to celebrate the achievements of the nominees in MPA’s Rising Stars 2024 and recognise their hard work and dedication.

Congratulations to all the nominees.


George Thompson, INGGeorge Thompson
Head of Mortgages


Best Mortgage Brokers Under 35 in Australia | Rising Stars

  • Allan Haddad
    Senior Mortgage Broker
  • Bayley Clarke
    Home Loan Consultant
  • Bradley Donnelly
    Finance Broker

    Vision Finance Collective
  • Carlton Sinn
    Mortgage Broker
  • Christopher Moore
    Licensed Mortgage Broker
  • Daniel Caluzzi
    Mortgage Lending Adviser
    Empower Wealth
  • Daniel Samimi
    Mortgage Broker
  • Dean Naylor
    Mortgage Broker
    Mortgage Choice
  • Grant Armistead
    Mortgage Broker
    Loan Market Armistead & Associates
  • Jack Wharton
    Finance Broker
    Mortgage Choice
  • James Horne
    Executive Home Loan Specialist
    Lendi Group
  • Leon Luo
    Senior Home Loan Specialist
  • Manan Arora
    Mortgage Broker
    Aussie Gungahlin
  • Maxwell Miorada
    Credit Advisor
    Momentum Wealth
  • Mia Castellarin
    Mortgage Broker
    Mortgage Choice
  • Nate Condie
    Mortgage Broker
    Atelier Wealth Mortgage Brokers
  • Ned McLachlan
    Finance Broker
  • Nicholas Rabba
    Finance Broker
  • Paige Miller
    Real Estate Broker
  • Rhys Ashen
    Senior Mortgage Broker
    Bundy Financial Services
  • Riley May
    Mortgage Broker
    Derwent Finance
  • Riley Thomas
    Finance Broker and Executive Assistant to Managing Director
    Mortgage Choice Brisbane City
  • Ryan Sweeney
    Credit Adviser
  • Simon Tessmann
    Mortgage Broker
    Emerge Finance
  • Siobhan Bryson
    Mortgage Broker
  • Steve Kelly
    Kelly Brothers Finance
  • Talor Thomson
    Lending Specialist
    Mortgage Innovations
  • Terri Sillitoe
    Senior Home Loan Specialist/Broker
    Lendi Group
  • Tyson Lawman
    Finance Broker
    Crunch Finance
  • William Banham
    Mortgage Broker
    Loan Market Double Bay


As part of our editorial process, Key Media’s researchers interviewed the subject matter experts below for their independent analysis of this report and its findings.


MPA invited the most impressive mortgage companies in the country to nominate high-performing achievers for the 13th annual Rising Stars list. All nominees had to be 35 years old or younger, and had to have written more than $15 million in loans from 1 October 2022 to 30 September 2023 and worked as accredited brokers for no more than two years.

Brokers presented their submissions to MPA, detailing why each individual deserved to be considered, and recommendations were then taken from their peers to decide who made the final cut. After thoroughly reviewing all entries, the MPA team narrowed down the list to 39 Rising Stars who have made the most significant impact on the industry through their financial results, determination and drive.

The MPA Rising Stars report is proudly sponsored by ING.