First American Mortgage Solutions integrates with LoanLogics

by Anna Sobrevinas06 Jan 2017

First American Mortgage Solutions customers will have access to a more advanced loan organization, thanks to its integration with LoanLogics, according to a release.

Lenders will have access to LoanHD, the latter’s “flagship loan quality management technology.” It includes access to FraudGuard, working with vendor management portal AppO Network, connecting lenders to profitable and error-reducing third-party services.

“LoanLogics is committed to ensuring our clients have the tools they need, when they need them,” said Craig Riddell, senior vice president and chief business officer for LoanLogics. “By continually expanding our LoanHD network with the addition of best-of-breed solutions like FraudGuard, we’re helping our clients drive toward zero defects, improve their loan manufacturing process and reduce cost, while increasing the efficiency of audit reviews through technology and automation.”

With over 28 million reviewed loans, FraudGuard assists lenders in making manageable and detect-free loans through data and pattern-matching analytics. Lenders can also mitigate risk and apply for loans faster using analytics that compiles public, private and proprietary information.

“FraudGuard's unparalleled data assets make it a stand-out among loan quality management tools,” said Kevin Wall, president of First American Mortgage Solutions. “We’re pleased to bring LoanLogics users on-demand access to the critical data insights and automated decision-support services they need to originate high-quality loans with confidence.”

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