Ocwen to pay $225 million over allegations of shoddy servicing

by Ryan Smith22 Feb 2017

Embattled mortgage servicing giant Ocwen has agreed to pay $225 million in refunds and loan forgiveness to California homeowners. The payment is part of a settlement over allegations that Ocwen violated state and federal mortgage rules over the last several years, according to a Los Angeles Times report.

The California Department of Business Oversight said that an independent audit of Ocwen’s business practices uncovered hundreds of violations, including failure to send required notices to borrowers, sending other notices late and failing to comply with a federal regulation requiring lenders to lower interest rates for active-duty military personnel, the Times reported.

Between 2012 and 2015, when the alleged violations took place, Ocwen serviced more than 500,000 mortgages in California. The Department of Business Oversight didn’t specify how many borrowers were harmed by the company’s alleged violations.

Under the settlement, Ocwen will pay the state of California $5 million in penalties and fees, as well as $22 million in restitution to borrowers. It will also provide $198 million in loan forgiveness to borrowers over the next three years, the Times reported.

That amount could grow, however. Ocwen has been settling with homeowners over instances when the company mailed time-sensitive letters to customers after the date on the letters. According to the Times, sometimes the delays endangered the homeowners’ ability to get loan modifications.

Ocwen said it had already paid about $2 million to more than 3,000 California borrowers harmed by the issue. Under its settlement with the state, the company must reconsider claims from another 19,295 borrowers and pay them restitution if they’re eligible for it, according to the Times.

Ocwen did not admit wrongdoing in the settlement.

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  • by Joseph New York | 2/22/2017 2:23:59 PM

    Iam in ny ocwen has destroyed my life wouldn't give me a modification and turned me down for four years.. I highered a lawyer they did it in two months . But it is a mess my principal is 800 my interest is 4,3600 the number don't make sence ..after I pay them for 20 years they say Iam still not payed and have to make a ballon payment of 600 thousand this is out of control it's not a modification they put me in worts situation then I was I had to move out of house and rent it to make a 4696 .00 mortgage payment a month the home is worth 859 and they have me owing 1.4 million .. the mortage is a mess lawyer had me sign cause they were about to forclose on me .. that was only way to save the home ... they were all working from india they don't understand finance ... or mortgages ... they also work from Texas ... which they understand a little more there .. it's just not California .. how do I get this out my lawyer wants more money to sue them and have them forgive the mortage for what they but me threw . He did and investigation and they commuted at least 3 Acts of fraud .... I don't know we're to turn .. please email me and help me it's not just me they took my friends home they room all of Indy macs old clients after Indy mac messed up and there Doing same as Indy mac .. he gave up My friend but I didn't but the situation Iam in a should of .. they also have there own web sight were they sell all the homes they forclosed on u can only get to see it if u have. A mortage with them and and online acount .. it's. Crazy what there doing pls help me get to right contact ... I can't be torched or robbed buy these criminals .... help me pcascio1@icloud.com

  • by Eddie | 2/22/2017 5:13:36 PM

    I went through the same this that Joseph did, except I am in California, and didn't have to use an attorney. How can I find out if I am part of the settlement? I never received anything in the mail in regards to this.

  • by | 2/22/2017 7:53:27 PM

    My mother's going through a similar situation with ocwen mortgage company. she has been in her home for 27 years here in AZ. she is short three years of her 30 year contract. this company is telling her that she has met her mortgage aobligation even though they are not counting the years correctly, now they're telling her that they may foreclose on her do to the fact that she did not pay in full the remaning mortgage of $17,000 currently we are looking for somebody else to take the mortgage. It has been nothing but a hassle with this company. being that my parents are elderly and have health problems this has been very detrimental to them. If anybody out there has any phone numbers to help them out it would be greatly appreciated.


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