• Mortgage marketing company launches digital division by Ryan Smith

    Seroka, a leading mortgage marketing services firm for nearly 30 years, is launching a newq digital division

  • Hourly rate identity crisis by MPA

    If you’re a sole operator or business owner who is working every hour available to you but still have your back up against the wall, this excerpt from the book From Deadwood to Diamonds by Stefan Kazakis is for you work

  • Regulators picking winners and losers with 3% cap by Diana Aqra

    Industry figures have blasted the 3% points and fees cap, while supporting legislation that would amend the way the cap is calculated

  • Trader accused of bad MBS deals faces trial by Kelli Rogers

    A former Goldman Sachs trader accused of intentionally selling bad MBS investment deals goes on trial this week

  • Top secrets of superstar originators #4 by

    You can’t show me one Superstar mortgage professional that doesn’t have some form of an information product that they use to educate their target market. All successful mortgage professionals share their area of expertise by giving away free information. Why would you want to do this?


Is TILA-RESPA a good or bad thing long term?