• As Big Retail Mortgage Banks Recede, Small Lenders Emerge by

    The early years of the 21st century were a boon for small mortgage lenders in the United States, at least until 2007.

  • Sales Competition Working Wonders for Housing by

    While an abundance of publications and analysts have been quick to note the recent gain in housing prices, there’s been somewhat less attention devoted to particularly why housing prices climbed so markedly in 2012.

  • Market Details in the Middle of the First Quarter 2013 by

    To begin the year, the early numbers reflect an earlier-than-expected boom of business for Realtors. In this business, no one moves or buys a home between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day – right? Well, not exactly – and if these unseasonal numbers are reflective of a new normal, the work week for Realtors just got longer.


Is TILA-RESPA a good or bad thing long term?