• CB Previews International Draws the Line on Pocket Listings by

    As inventories shrink and buyers frantically search for homes to buy off-market, “pocket listings” are becoming more prevalent, especially in luxury markets where the appeal of keeping the entire commission can be hard to resist for listing brokers.

  • Insufficient Supply: Home Buyers Outnumber Sellers in the U.S by

    The ongoing housing market recovery in the United States should be in the midst of a boom, but a shortage of home supplies is holding it back. Springtime is traditionally a busy time for the real estate industry in the U.S., but current low levels in the inventory of listings could dampen the recovery efforts. Such are the observations by news agency Reuters and real estate analytics firm Redfin.

  • Mastermind of the Great Bailout Supports Fannie and Freddie Reform by

    Henry Paulson, Secretary of the United States Treasury under the administration of former President George W. Bush, recently shared his thoughts to the press with regard to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s return to profitability. Appearing in an interview with Bloomberg TV, Paulson remarked that he could not believe the good news; he also mentioned that he believes the two mortgage investment giants should still undergo comprehensive reform.

  • White House Pushes to Make Mortgages More Accessible to Borrowers by

    Despite the severe economic downfall left behind by the bursting of the housing bubble, home ownership remains as one of the tenets of the American Dream. For many first-time homeowners these days, however, fulfilling that portion of the American Dream is becoming increasingly difficult due to strict mortgage lending guidelines and requirements. This is an issue that the White House wants to alleviate.

  • Can Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Sustain Their Profits? by

    A recent opinion piece by Matthew C. Klein and published by Bloomberg View argues that recent healthy profits posted by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could come to a stop once interest rates start to climb. Mr. Klein supports the reform of both government-sponsored entities (GSEs) even as they continue to post profits in the next few years. He argues that current profits at Fannie and Freddie may not last and could evaporate unless lawmakers and public officials agree on comprehensive reform.

  • Days on Market Longer Than Last Year for Home Flips by

    Two of my most active real estate investors in the Utah market both called me this week with a conundrum. They both have properties that have been purchased, fixed up, and are now re-listed for sale. Both investors are still sitting on these properties after nearly 6 months, and they are still not resold. They've both been under contract several times, but no sale has yet consummated. But what is the conundrum?


Is TILA-RESPA a good or bad thing long term?