• Fannie, Freddie to cut multifamily financing by Ryan Smith

    The agency that oversees Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is going ahead with plans to scale down their financing of multifamily mortgages next year despite heated opposition from industry groups.

  • The 10 craziest tweets from JPMorgan's Q&A by MPA

    JPMorgan tweeted earlier this week that they were taking questions on the hashtag #ASKJPM. Predictably, it all went horribly wrong.

  • CFPB steps back from title insurance rule by Ryan Smith

    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has backed down on a rule that would have wound title insurance into total costs listed on a mortgage form after industry pressure.

  • Senate goes nuclear by Ryan Smith

    In a party-line vote, the Senate has invoked the "nuclear option," ending Republicans' ability to filibuster presidential nominees.

  • Republicans filibuster Obama’s FHFA pick; Reid vows to try again by Ryan Smith

    Republicans blocked Rep. Mel Watt's confirmation as FHFA director -- the first time a sitting Congressman has been denied for a presidential nomination in 170 years. But Harry Reid says the fight's not over yet.

  • BOA to judge: Our penalty for fraud should be zero by Ryan Smith

    The lending giant has asked a federal judge to impose no penalty despite being found liable for fraud over the sale of shoddy mortgages by its Countrywide Financial unit.


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