• Could Expanded Credit Boost the Recovery? by

    It’s clear that thus far in 2013, the housing market has sustained the recovery that began gaining steam in the latter half of last year. The housing recovery has been so comprehensive that as of last December, homes gained the greatest in value year-over since 2006. While gains have not been too drastic, there are still no premonitions of a slowdown. That being said, there has been at least some consideration as to whether demographic or fiscal factors will emerge down the line and decelerate gains in the housing sector. Granting that value growth seems set for the immediate, what, if anything, could be utilized to encourage sustainable market gains?

  • Agents Demand Faster Closing Times by

    Most real estate agents want mortgage originators to close their home buyers’ mortgages in 30 days or less—50 percent faster than the national average closing time—according to a new national survey released today.

  • Can Dodd-Frank fix mortgage servicing if we don’t know what went wrong? by

    (Washington Post) -- It’s critically important that we understand what went wrong in the financial market institutions that manage the mortgage market, both during the bubble and the crash.

  • Moody's Zandi Is Top Pick for Fannie Watchdog by

    (CNBC) -- Mark Zandi, a well-known economist, is a front-runner to lead the U.S. housing regulator and oust Edward DeMarco, who critics say hasn't done enough to aid homeowners, the Wall Street Journal reported.

  • Is the party over for mortgage lenders? by

    (Washington Post) -- JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo, the nation’s largest banks, reported Friday a decline in applications for home loans, a sign that the strength of the housing recovery may be waning.

  • Realtor® Marketing Secrets by Doren Aldana Secret #9: Help Your Realtors Market Their Listings by

    In last month's article, I gave you a step-by-step game plan for taking Realtors who don't know you from a hole in the wall, and turning them into highly committed, loyal, high-level referral partners. Once you have a new Realtor partner, your job isn't done -- it's just begun! In fact, if you really want to maximize the amount of buyer leads you generate from each one of your Realtor partners, you'll need a marketing system designed to generate more buyer leads for your Realtors. Why? Because each buyer lead you generate is also a new potential mortgage client for you! This is all about win-win marketing. With that in mind, here are the TOP SEVEN, most effective marketing tools I know of for generating more buyer leads for your Realtors' listings...


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