• Marketing to Millennials by MPA

    It’s a strategy many originators are currently grappling with – and one of growing importance given how much influence they have on the housing market – so here are some tips on reaching this large buying cohort

  • Hensarling: Cordray’s resignation was ‘long overdue’ by Ryan Smith

    The powerful Republican says the CFPB director’s resignation is “an excellent opportunity” to reform a “rogue agency”

  • America’s most undervalued markets by Justin da Rosa

    Commissions may not be the highest in these regions, and with suspect job growth expected, originators in these cities may continue to struggle to earn their commissions.

  • Lower premiums attracting millennials to mortgages? by Donald Horne

    A recent national survey shows that while almost two-thirds of millennials feel they don’t have enough for the typical down payment for a home, more than half plan to be homeowners within two years.

  • Morning Briefing: New home mortgage applications down by Steve Randall

    New home mortgage applications down… Super-jumbo mortgages increase… No rentals in Manhattan… Maryland housing market strong in May…

  • New players dominate market by Justin da Rosa

    Despite three major banks ratcheting down on their mortgage servicing portfolios, two others have stepped in to fill the void, according to recently released statistics on mortgage market share.

  • First-time buyers to get more options by Justin da Rosa

    It’s a trend that seems negative at first, but originators should welcome a forecast calling for a shift toward smaller, more affordable homes.

  • How to win the sales you often miss but never should by MPA

    Have you ever had that thought when you know you should have made the sale but somehow they decided not to go ahead with you?


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