• Why is everyone moving to Oregon? by MPA

    It seems many Americans are falling in love with the state’s lush scenery, creative culture and growing industries. Find out the other top states where people are moving to.

  • Far Out Friday: Cash-paying millionaire loses out on 5,000 square feet by MPA

    A Hong Kong-based millionaire was absolutely horrified a few years ago, when he learned that his Malibu mansion was not 15,000 square feet like he thought when he paid $12.25 million in cash for it – so horrified, in fact, that he’s taking his agent and the brokerage to court. Again.

  • Stearns partners with homebuilder by MPA

    Stearns Lending and a West Coast-based homebuilder have entered into an agreement to form a mortgage company set to be fully deployed by mid-2015.


Is TILA-RESPA a good or bad thing long term?