• The Upside of the Downturn; America’s Best Hidden Housing Markets by

    Despite the delicacy of it all, it’s hard to ignore the sound of a bubble bursting. With the remaining dam holding back a recession thoroughly broken in 2008, the myriad economic factors waiting to sink the housing market burst through and turned the economy into a much bleaker place for real estate investors. This sort of rising tide, it seems, puts us all underwater equally.

  • Government Debt and the Bankruptcy Trickle Down Effect by

  • Will a Change in Philadelphia’s Real Estate Tax System Save Jobs? by

    A report by Center City District Philadelphia released earlier this year has called for some large changes to be made to Philadelphia's tax system in order to help save jobs. The report has claimed that the current tax system that Philadelphia uses is the main reason that few jobs have been created over the past couple of years. They have argued that a large city, such as Philadelphia simply cannot survive from such a small number of jobs so big changes need to be made, and they need to be made fast.


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