• Case-Shiller: Prices Rise for Six Straight Months by

  • Mortgage Jobs Rise for Third Straight Quarter by

    Employment by mortgage lenders grew for the third straight quarter despite the elimination of thousands of jobs at some of the nation’s largest lenders, according to the 2012 Mortgage Employment Index from Mortgage Daily.

  • Are There Outside Signs of an Enduring Rebound? by

    One of the challenging parts of analyzing any major economy, especially one as complex as the one at home, is realizing that seemingly unrelated trends in one sector can speak volumes about what’s unfolding in another. Investors are chomping at the bit for signs of stabilization in the housing market, and with an ongoing recession it’s understandable that we’re all afraid of fiscal mirages. However, even with the looming fiscal cliff, are there indications that the housing market will continue turning the corner?


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