• Marketing to Millennials by MPA

    It’s a strategy many originators are currently grappling with – and one of growing importance given how much influence they have on the housing market – so here are some tips on reaching this large buying cohort

  • Hensarling: Cordray’s resignation was ‘long overdue’ by Ryan Smith

    The powerful Republican says the CFPB director’s resignation is “an excellent opportunity” to reform a “rogue agency”

  • Total Mortgage Sees Total Changes in 2013 by

    Mortgage lenders must adjust to a radically different lending environment if they are to succeed in the year to come. Declines in mortgage originations, especially refinancings, and a return the basics of purchase mortgage lending will challenge lenders, and even so employment will shring significantly, John Walsh, CEO of Total Mortgage said in an interview with The Niche Report.

  • Mat Ishbia Promoted to President of USFS by

    Mat Ishbia has been named president of United Shore Financial Services, LLC (USFS), one of the nation’s leading independent mortgage lenders. Ishbia, 32, had previously served as president of United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM), USFS’s largest division and the fastest-growing wholesale mortgage lender in America.

  • Hiring a Dependable Contractor is Crucial to Real Estate Investor Success by

    For real estate investors doing home flips, having a dependable contractor is key to success. Because making money depends on the speed of turnover of the property, any delays can really cut into the project profit.


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