• Canadian Money Isn't Totally Loonie: Foreign Investors Are a Leading Share in US Investments by

    Americans have been nervous to get back into commercial investments, and for good reason. The crash hurt more than a few wallets and investors are afraid the growth we’re seeing now is doomed to fail yet again.

  • Multifamily Development and Construction of Financing Seeing a Rebound by

    Commercial development and single family construction came to a screeching halt back in 2008. Along with it, disappeared the financing, including commercial construction loans and commercial land loans. But after a long sleep, it’s all starting to wake up from the dead.

  • Income Inequality in the U.S. Boosts Rental Markets by

    As the qualified mortgage (QM) and qualified residential mortgage (QRM) future rules are discussed by rulemaking officials, housing advocates and Wall Street investors, the rental markets in the United States continue their healthy growth. Real estate analysts such as Christopher Matthews of Time magazine believe that strict QM and QRM rules may end up placing greater restrictions on mortgage lending, which will only make rental markets even more profitable.


Is TILA-RESPA a good or bad thing long term?