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With deadline on approximately the 10th of each month prior to each issue. Please submit all articles in Word format (no exceptions). Word count should be between 500 – 2000 words. Be sure to include a brief byline/citation and optional high res jpeg headshot of author. If we choose to publish your article, you may NOT reprint this article for at least six months with any other magazine or media outlet.

Please submit all articles to: [email protected]

Article submission to Magazine & Website

Who we are looking for:

  • Contributions from mortgage industry experts and professionals passionate about writing on mortgage originator topics 

Who we are not looking for:

  • Contributions purely for SEO purposes. Articles containing links to non-mortgage related websites will not be published

Please Include the answers to the following questions with all print article submissions via email:

  1. Does Mortgage Professional America magazine have your explicit permission to publish the article you have just remitted?
  2. Please confirm that this is your original work in its entirety.
  3. Has this article ever been published before? If so, where and when (approx. month and year)?
  4. Do you agree not to reprint this article in another industry trade magazine or media outlet for at least six months?

NOTE: We also look for articles that fit our “Feature” article standards. The Feature article may be longer in word count (approx. 2000 – 4500 words) and is made to stand out among the other articles.

If you are interested in submitting a Feature article, please forward us your topic ideas to [email protected].
We reserve the right to edit articles. If there are major changes we will try and notify the author first before it goes to print. We also reserve the right to reprint remitted articles on partner websites and/or other media outlets. Request Editorial Calendar
All content published is copyrighted by Mortgage Professional America and cannot be reprinted or duplicated without our permission.

Content Guidelines

What we are looking for:

  • Posts related to the Real Estate, Mortgage and Finance industries.
  • Your opinion on anything related to our industry, try using as many facts to base your opinion. Example: Your thoughts on recent legislation or new political appointments.
  • How-to posts.
  • Expose’s, without slandering nor name calling.  It is not slandering if it is true, but you must provide proof.
  • Newsworthy posts – What you are hearing about a company move or buyout etc…
What we are NOT looking for:
  • Inspiration pieces or anything so broad that it goes outside the scope of our industry. Example:  “5 ways to jumpstart your 2012”
  • Posts that are not related to the Real Estate, Mortgage or Finance industries.
  • Politically slanted so much as to make one cringe.  Try and stay as neutral/bipartisan as possible. (this may be tough for some of you, try and keep this to your own blog)

The more you post the more you will receive recognition, both on our home page and via our social media outlets (even magazine and newsletter). Our web domain www.mpamag.com has a Google Page Rank 6.  

Your Author bylines may contain links back to your site.  Due to our high page rank, this will increase your sites overall SEO and importance.  We are working on other ways of incentivizing our site authors, so stay tuned.

Ad Agencies & PR companies

The Mortgage Professional America site domain is a Google Page Rank 6 , compare us to other industry media outlets.  Ad Agencies, PR companies and other individuals are welcomed and encouraged to submit newsworthy content. Due to our high valued page rank, content placed on our site will rank high in Google search.

Please submit news and press releases to [email protected]. If the content is relevant and newsworthy we will make all efforts to quickly post to mpamag.com. Please do not send us an advertisement in text, these will not get posted.
Have a question about writing for MPA? Email us at [email protected]