Top financial advisors prefer Trump to Clinton

A new poll of top financial advisors found more favored a Trump presidency

Top financial advisors prefer Trump to Clinton
Elite financial advisors prefer Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton for the presidency, according to a new poll.

While advisors’ negative views on Republican presumptive nominee Trump outweigh their negative impressions of his Democratic counterpart, those negatives don’t tip the scales in favor of Clinton, according to a Financial Advisor IQ report.

The poll, conducted by Ignites Research, surveyed 500 advisors on the Financial Times 400 and Financial Times 300 lists of top U.S. advisors. Among those polled, 22% had a positive view of a Trump presidency, as opposed to just 9% who felt positive about a Clinton presidency.

Meanwhile, 24% had a generally negative view of Trump, while 20% had a generally negative view of Clinton.

Oddly enough, Clinton may have a slight edge when it comes to indifference, according to Financial Advisor IQ. While 37% of advisors surveyed were neutral about a Trump presidency, 60% were neutral about Clinton. That gives the former secretary of state time to win them over before the general election in November.

The advisors polled in the FT 400 manage on average $1.6 billion. The advisors on the FT 300 manage on average $2.6 billion, according to Financial Advisor IQ.

The news comes as two of Trump's top economic advisors lay the blame for the mortgage meltdown at the feet of former President Bill Clinton. According to Trump advisors Lawrence Kudlow and Stephen Moore, the seeds of the meltdown were sown during Bill Clinton's administration, Bloomberg reported. Kudlow and Moore argued that under Bill Clinton's Housing and Urban Development secretary, Andrew Cuomo, banks were essentially rewarded for throwing out high underwriting standards on loans made to borrowers in "credit-deprived" areas.