Land/Home ? Continuing to Provide Mortgage Options for CalPERS Members with the Launch of the Public Employee Mortgage Services Program

Concord, CA ? Land/Home Financial Services, Inc., a national mortgage banker and direct lender, announces the launch of a new loan program, Public Employee Mortgage Services Program (PEMS) on 12/22/2010. PEMS will replace the void left by the discontinuation of the popular CalPERS Home Loan Program by providing specialized loan options to public employees both locally and nationally. Land/Home Financial Services, Inc. ? headquartered in Concord, CA ? is pleased to announce the launch of the Public Employee Mortgage Services Program (PEMS). Land/Home?s executive management team remains current with the happenings in today?s mortgage industry and determined that CalPERS would suspend their Home Loan Program when the board met on December 13th in Sacramento. As Land/Home predicted CalPERS did suspend their Home Loan Program, one of the most popular and needed lending options offered to public employees throughout California. This segment includes firemen, police officers, as well as government workers. Land/Home, a Preferred CalPERS? Lender, determined it was important to fill the gap left by the discontinuation of the Home Loan Program and developed PEMS so CalPERS? members would continue to receive multiple lending options, lower rates, and cost savings on closing fees. Public Employees will also enjoy the added benefit of Land/Home?s faster processing times and increased personalized service when they purchase or refinance a home. Land/Home will not only be offering this unique loan program to California public employees but they will also be expanding the PEMS program to public employees in all states they conduct business. Brad Waite, President and Owner of Land/Home, states, "We are pleased to be able to provide a program to serve the home mortgage lending needs of the CalPERS members.