Integrated Ventures buys loan calculation platform for blockchain-based lending effort

CreditCalc allows lenders and borrowers to perform calculations for mortgages and other loan types

Integrated Ventures buys loan calculation platform for blockchain-based lending effort

Integrated Ventures has acquired a loan-management and calculation platform as it works to accelerate the development of LoanFunder, the company’s blockchain-based lending platform.

The company bought the CreditCalc platform from ITBS in a stock-based transaction. ITBS created the platform in 2010. CreditCalc now handles an estimated 2,000 users per month, generates more than 600,000 page views, and averages 200,000 daily visits.

"Our team has performed the standard due diligence and beta testing of the CreditCalc and came to the conclusion that by acquiring this platform, the company will be able to fast-forward the launch of the LoanFunder," Integrated Ventures CEO Steve Rubakh said. "This acquisition is expected to significantly accelerate the development of our blockchain-based loan platform and to obtain an extensive and valuable database of lenders and borrowers."

Integrated Ventures is focused on launching and operating companies in the digital-currency sector. 

Through CreditCalc, lenders and borrowers are able to perform calculations related to all loan types including mortgages, business loans, car loans, and other financial instruments. The platform also offers users access to custom credit programs and the ability to shop and compare different loan products.

Additionally, the platform can be configured to factor in all the features of given market conditions and to offer users a summary of all applicable fees, repayment options, and schedules.

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