Non-QM in an Evolving Real Estate Market

Non-QM has seen a major upswing in the past year, with a growing number of brokers now eager to embrace the product. Excelerate Capital's answer to rising mortgage rates is by leading the charge with non-QM product iterations, allowing for more flexibility and ultimately, for more people to continue to get loans.

In this episode, MPA Talk chats with Thomas Yoon, CEO of Excelerate Capital on recent changes in the real estate and mortgage markets, including the most common misconceptions surrounding non-QM, how Excelerate Capital leveraged technology with non-QM, and expert advice for originators who wish to get started with the product. Learn about Excelerate Capital’s competitive EC Portfolio program, new HELOC programs, and the advantages of choosing a HELOC over a cash-out refinance loan, particularly in this high-rate environment.