Hometown Lenders expands with Major Mortgage

Alabama-based firm adds 11 branches across 9 states

Hometown Lenders expands with Major Mortgage

Hometown Lenders has expanded its mortgage business with the addition of Major Mortgage.

Hometown aims to become a nationwide leader in the mortgage industry and adding Major’s 11 offices across 9 states adds around $300 million in annual volume.

Together with additional branches added to Hometown Lenders, the combined total annual volume is now more than $1.3 million.

Hometown CEO and founder Billy Taylor says that the firm’s philosophy has always been to recruit the best, retain who they have, and remember who got them there.

"Major Mortgage is run by two brothers, Tor and Ryar Hayward," Taylor said. "These guys are just great, normal, every-day guys that do what they say they are going to do. They are handshake guys that close on time and understand how to build a business and treat their customers the right way. They have built a reputation that their word is their bond, and that is the exact type of partner we look for. It has been an instant upgrade for our company to see how they do things and integrate many of their best practices into our company.”

Major was founded in 2005, ten years after Tor Hayward started out as a loan officer and recruited his brother Ryar to join him.

“With the current market compression, the timing couldn't have been better for us to partner with Hometown Lenders,” said Tor. “Their focus on the development of a nationwide presence makes this a perfect fit for Major Mortgage. This has been a fantastic move and we are looking forward to all the new opportunities we have with this new business relationship."