Go-Go your career

Think about why you became a loan originator…

Go-Go your career

There’s the tremendous satisfaction that comes with helping people finance the most important purchase in their lives, there’s the potential for unlimited income – and there’s that amazing sense of freedom you get from knowing that you can virtually work from anywhere.   

If you want to work from home, your car, or in the bleachers while watching your kid’s soccer game, you can.    

Although mobile technology isn’t new, no one has expanded and pushed these mobile capabilities for Loan Originators the way New American Funding has.


From the start, New American Funding had the vision to create something far greater than just a portable, digital office. It wanted to design a mobile application exclusive to how Loan Originators operate in the field. For that to happen, it decided not to order a one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf software package from a vendor, but to create its own -- from the ground-up based on our Loan Originators’ feedback.

Specifically, we asked how we could help them be more effective and close more deals? This multi-year project produced GoGo LO, a mobile, multifaceted and constantly updated powerhouse that has become a game-changer for our Loan Originators.

Mobile Multi-Tasker

From any location and with just the click of a button, our GoGo LO Loan Originators can:

  • Pull credit
  • Send pre-quals
  • Email documents
  • Collect e-signatures
  • E-sign documents
  • Access approval conditions
  • Access GoGo Agent Intelligence
  • Enter their GoGo Home back-end office
  • Check loan details and deadlines
  • Pull up all loan contacts through communications portal
  • Set reminders and receive alerts
  • Integrate with desktop CRM and LOS system
  • Use document scanner, and more!

Just as amazing, Loan Originators can start performing these functions literally the same day they join our team. They also enjoy unlimited access to the GoGo LO support team seven days a week.

Best of all, with GoGo LO’s virtually limitless mobile capabilities, our Loan Originators never again have to tell their prospects and customers, “When I get back to the office, I’ll try to get an answer for you.” With GoGo LO, they already hold the answer in the palm of their hand.

And when you can communicate answers faster and more efficiently – in the mode your customers prefer – you become an unstoppable Top Producer.


To ensure our Top Producers retain their competitive edge, New American Funding’s GoGo LO also features a proprietary “Coaching for You” section, where LOs can view short videos to learn new skills and best-practices presented by top trainers and coaches. Every other Tuesday, the GoGO LO team hosts a new video with cutting-edge tips and techniques, so the learning never stops.     


Since migrating to GoGO LO, which makes every phase of the purchase process easier and more efficient, our Loan Originators have been building new levels of trust, not to mention business, with their key clients and business partners.

When you consider that the smart phones our customers now hold are a million times more powerful than the processors that guided the first Apollo mission, New American Funding knows the future lies with those companies that continue to innovate.

For us, continuing to provide our Loan Originators with the best tech tools in the industry isn’t rocket science. It’s simply the best course to follow when you want to take your production over the moon and beyond.

If you’re ready to supercharge your career, call us today.