4 social media tools to boost productivity

Small businesses can compete with corporations thanks to these platforms

4 social media tools to boost productivity

There’s a reason large corporations have a team of social media marketers monitoring their online presence. It’s because creating content and tracking social mentions can be a full-time job.

There are plenty of social media tools that are designed to boost productivity so small businesses can create social media campaigns that are just as effective as their competition.

Use Canva To Create Social Media Images

Finding the right image is imperative to boost engagement with readers across every form of social media. Brands need to maintain accounts on a variety of platforms and because each one has its own preferred dimensions and styles, it can be time-consuming to create new ones for each site.

Canva allows users to easily create a variety of banners, covers and graphics for social media campaigns across a number of platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Track Content That Works With Buzzsumo

Curating content to share with followers is a marketing trend used by many brands. Identifying what content is trending and performing will take up too much time for busy business owners and marketers.

Buzzsumo allows users to search for terms and phrases to track how well content is performing with key influencers. This will provide users with the opportunity to handpick content that has proven successful to share with their own followers.

Schedule Posts In Advance With Buffer

The best time of day to post content to social media is not always the same time that the posts are created. Buffer is a social media tool that allows businesses to create and schedule their content to be posted at a time of their choosing.

The app allows customization across a variety of social media accounts and provides the opportunity to alter the same post for different profiles so that the content fits each network it is posted to.

Use Google Analytics To Determine If Social Media Campaigns Are Working

The entire purpose of a social media campaign should be to increase followers so they can be driven to visit the brand’s main website where they can book services or make purchases.

Engaging content may keep followers entertained, but brands need to be aware of how many social media followers are visiting the website. Google Analytics will provide insight into where website visitors are coming from so businesses can decide which social media platforms are the most effective.

These are just a small handful of the many social media tools that have been designed to make online marketing and engaging with followers easier for small businesses.


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