Trumpo signs Debt Advisory Line

Lee Birkett, CEO of TrumpoMatrix, says:"2010 is going to be a big year for the debt management industry.

"Whilst some scary practices and rogue traders are still out there, we have identified a select group of well run companies, such as Debt Advisory Line, that have risen to the top." launched in 2005 and acts as a conduit between consumers wanting advice and trusted advisers.

Since the credit crunch took hold, a large percentage of the same clients who had previously requested mortgage advice are now requesting debt advice.

Birkett adds: "As the debt management sector is not regulated rogues and conmen are still prevalent.

"When we researched the competency of the industry, the majority of current practitioners where ill-equipped to deal with the required levels of competency and training that a move to full regulation would bring.

"So with this in mind and to maintain our trusted adviser policy, we adopted a regulatory approach when selecting trusted recipients for debt advice enquiries from, our media partners and adviser members.

"I am very pleased to welcome DAL as a trusted recipient of debt advice enquiries from the TrumpoMatrix platform."