Search Acumen launches digital conveyancing tool

Using the tool property boundaries are displayed on a map by feeding through live Land Registry data.

Lynne Nicholson, head of data products and services at the Land Registry, said: “This is a great example of using Land Registry’s data to create something new that makes people’s working lives easier and improves the flow of information through the property-buying process.

“There is huge potential to improve the house buying and conveyancing process through better use of data.

“We need forward thinking businesses to take up the initiative, and we look forward to seeing what else Search Acumen and other organisations can achieve with data that we are planning to make available in the future as we enhance and develop our services.”

Using the tool conveyancers can avoid the risk of mistakenly ordering searches against adjacent properties or others with similar names nearby.

Search Acumen is the first search provider to use the Land Registry’s open data, which is being published with the intention of helping businesses create new applications and services.

The data is published from central government departments, public sector bodies and local authorities in what Prime Minister David Cameron called “the most ambitious open data agenda of any government in the world”.

Andrew Lloyd, managing director of Search Acumen, said: “Getting to grips with big data opens up all kinds of possibilities for providing better search services.

“By putting the ‘big data’ theory to practical use, we have taken an important step towards giving conveyancers more information and greater insight at the touch of a button.

“The technology exists to tap into public data and use it in a way that is easy to understand and immediately useful in everyday conveyancing.

He added: “Displaying live property boundaries on-screen adds no time at all to the ordering process – but it can save a huge headache by validating spatial details and confirming that everything is in order with each search request.

“Imagination is the only boundary to the potential uses of this kind of data. We are already looking to extend the scope of ‘Title Intelligence’ to get even more practical.”