Lloyds launch cashback deals

Remortgage customers can get an early Christmas present with a refund of a standard monthly mortgage payment of up to £1,000 providing they apply before 6 October and complete by December 1.

Those applying for a mortgage between 1st August and 6th October 2014, and completing by 1st December, will receive the cashback in December, at what is always the most expensive time of the year.

And first-time buyer customers could get up to £700 back on a pre-loaded MasterCard Gift Card when they complete on their mortgage with Lloyds Bank.

When they apply and complete, customers will qualify for £500 on the card for the mortgage, a further £100 if they also take their home solutions insurance with Lloyds Bank, and a further £100 if they take out a Protection for Life policy with Lloyds Bank too.

Marc Page, mortgages director at Lloyds Bank, said: "For some of our remortgage customers, Christmas will come early as they’ll have their monthly mortgage payment refunded by Lloyds Bank!

“We are committed to providing good value for our mortgage customers, and these two new offers will ease the financial burden for first time buyers and those looking to remortgage over the next few months.”

Remortgage rates from Lloyds Bank include a 2-year fixed at 0-60% LTV, 2.24% with £995 fee for Club Lloyds customers, 2.44% otherwise. And a 2 year fixed at 60-75% LTV, 2.74% with £995 fee for Club Lloyds customers, 2.94% otherwise.