eMoov presents real life Monopoly

On the board St Albans takes the place of Mayfair, with the space costing £4m, as four bedroom properties average £735,750 and two bedroom homes cost £335,000 in the Hertfordshire city.

Next to St Albans is Exeter, taking the place of Park Lane with a Monopoly value of £3.5m. In Exeter properties cost significantly less than St Albans in real life however, averaging £408,731 for a two bed and just £127,574 for a one bed.

Taking another prime position is Cambridge, which replaces Oxford Street, where properties average at £469,941. Conversely Oxford, which replaces the cheaper Coventry Street on the Monopoly board, has a higher average house price of £529,444.

At the other end of the spectrum Old Kent Road’s space is taken up by Liverpool, where bedroom properties cost just £81,625 while four bed homes cost £247,091. In real life Dundee, which occupies the position of The Strand on the Monopoly board, is the cheapest one bedroom property at £60,506, while Middlesbrough is also cheaper at £72,733.

London’s real life house prices, as two bed properties cost around £500,00, far outstrip the capital’s relative position on the board, which replaces Northumberland Avenue. Due to the demand in in the capital four bedroom homes cost just 2.37 times one bedrooms, with the jump being from £379,950 to £900,0000.

Nottingham replaces Bond Street on a green space while Derby, which is 15 miles away, takes the place of Bow Street in orange. Indeed the former has an average property price of £186,500 while the latter costs £179,122.

Sheffield, which stands high and mighty in place of Regent Street only has a real life average property of £160,636.

Other towns to feature in order of their Monopoly value are Stoke-On-Trent, Oxford, Birmingham, Norwich, Keele, Dundee, Lincoln, Plymouth, London, Manchester, Colchester, York, Cardiff, Middlesbrough and Leeds.