Lord Daniel Finkelstein will be ASTL keynote speaker

Finkelstein is executive editor of The Times, while before joining the paper in 2001 he was adviser to Prime Minister John Major and Conservative leader William Hague.

Lord Daniel Finkelstein (pictured) of The Times will be the keynote speaker at the Association of Short Term Lenders annual conference at Painter’s Hall on 22 September.

Finkelstein is executive editor of the paper, while before joining in 2001 he was adviser to Prime Minister John Major and Conservative leader William Hague.

He will share anecdotes from his time on the political frontline and make predictions about the future.

He said: “In my opinion, there has rarely been a moment when politics in Britain has been so exciting. From Labour’s leadership to Tory troubles, things keep changing from one moment to the next. So how does business find a steady path through the battlefield?

“By understanding how politics works. I look forward to addressing these issues as well as current political, economic and government affairs at this year’s ASTL conference.”

The fourth annual ASTL conference is entitled ‘Lending in an uncertain world’ and will discuss how the world is changing at an unprecedented rate and how this affects the mortgage industry.

Benson Hersch, chief executive of the ASTL, said: “I am sure that Lord Finkelstein will inspire, educate and motivate our audience of bridging lenders, brokers and suppliers, by connecting true business principles with fresh, forward thinking ideas.

“As a prominent media commentator and a highly respected professional, Daniel is well known for his views on the current political and economic scene both domestically and internationally.

“His talk will provide a thought-provoking and intelligent insight into the ever-changing world of politics and economics which will help businesses in the bridging industry to negotiate the uncertainties to come.”