Reverse news

  • Reverse mortgages: A good referral opportunity by Justin da Rosa

    The guidance of financial planners can put client minds at ease about one controversial mortgage product, but could also result in a future referral partner.

  • Elite Women in Mortgage by

    Elite women; Distressed properties; Above and beyond; Reverse mortgages; Negotiating tip; Opinion; Industry icon

  • State bill to protect seniors on reverse mortgages by Donald Horne

    Another chapter of the reverse mortgages saga has been added, with one state legislature passing a bill designed to protect seniors with a “cooling-off period.”

  • HUD clears up mortgage confusion by Donald Horne

    The Department of Housing and Urban Development cleared up what had been a perplexing issue for homeowners, lenders and counselors for years.

  • Reverse mortgages and broker responsibility by Justin da Rosa

    How much responsibility should originators take for confusion about reverse mortgages?

  • Open Mortgage closes deal on recruiter by Donald Horne

    When Open Mortgage went looking this year for someone to lead their recruiting efforts in the retail and reverse mortgage space, they also found someone to increase their footprint in the market.