FHA news

  • Obama: This month FHA will lower its rates by Rachel.Norvell

    In his speech today on housing in Arizona, the President addressed new housing initiatives, including lowering FHA rates, winding down Fannie and Freddie and continuing to crack down on shoddy lending practices.

  • FHA premium cut may not be that big of a deal by Rachel.Norvell

    Many in the industry have praised the move to lower premiums, but some remain skeptic about how much of an impact the cut will have on the housing market.

  • Move to cut FHA mortgage premiums confirmed by Rachel.Norvell

    The White House has confirmed the Obama Administration is directing the FHA to reduce annual mortgage insurance premiums from 1.35% to 0.85%.

  • Obama to announce cut in FHA premiums by Rachel.Norvell

    In a speech to be delivered tomorrow in suburban Phoenix, the President may announce a reduction of FHA mortgage premiums.

  • Mortgage rates, applications take a plunge by MPA

    Historically, the mortgage industry experiences a slowdown during the holiday season, but this time around it was particularly quiet. Meanwhile, rates have hit a 19-month low.

  • Lenders begin to offer 97% LTV loans by MPA

    And so it begins. Mortgage companies are beginning to announce their options for home buyers that will allow for down payments as low as 3%


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