FHA news

  • Move to cut FHA mortgage premiums confirmed by Rachel.Norvell

    The White House has confirmed the Obama Administration is directing the FHA to reduce annual mortgage insurance premiums from 1.35% to 0.85%.

  • Obama to announce cut in FHA premiums by Rachel.Norvell

    In a speech to be delivered tomorrow in suburban Phoenix, the President may announce a reduction of FHA mortgage premiums.

  • Mortgage rates, applications take a plunge by MPA

    Historically, the mortgage industry experiences a slowdown during the holiday season, but this time around it was particularly quiet. Meanwhile, rates have hit a 19-month low.

  • Lenders begin to offer 97% LTV loans by MPA

    And so it begins. Mortgage companies are beginning to announce their options for home buyers that will allow for down payments as low as 3%

  • Congress delays HUD program by MPA

    President Obama signed an act this week that included HUD’s new budget and delayed a program that would have saved borrowers hundreds a year.

  • Servicing costs hold back credit access by MPA

    As many experts have pointed out, mortgage credit is too tight and a new report suggests the uncertainty around servicing delinquent mortgages may be to blame.


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