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  • Renovation loans surging forward by Ryan Smith

    With an ever-stricter regulatory environment and the economy improving at a sluggish pace, the mortgage business isn’t getting any easier. One kind of product, however, seems to be gaining steam: the home improvement loan

  • Branch Opportunity of the Week: Branch manager praises Integrity Mortgage Group by Ryan Smith

    A branch network can tout its benefits to the moon, but the most important recommendation will always come from someone who actually works there. And branch manager Gary Tedrow has great things to say about Integrity Mortgage Group

  • Branch Opportunity of the Week: Integrity Mortgage -- CRM and education by Ryan Smith

    Maintaining relationships with your clients is a key factor in continued success. But you won’t build those relationships in the first place without making good first impressions – and to do that you have to be educated on your products. That’s why Integrity Mortgage group supports its originators with matchless customer relationship support and education


Should CFPB have more supervision over credit agencies?