‘Breaking Bad’ houses for sale

by Jordan Maxwell31 Jul 2015
Jesse Pinkman would be proud to know that the home he bought for $850,000 on the smash-hit TV drama series Breaking Bad is now worth $1.6million in reality.

Susan C Feil and Alicia Feil-Peterson, a mother-daughter realty team from Coldwell Banker Legacy, have signed up to sell the house, which was made famous by the fictitious Jesse Pinkman, who notoriously produced methamphetamine.

The team created a website to promote the house, which includes a line saying “Meth lab not included.”

“Beyond being the most critically acclaimed series of all time, ‘Breaking Bad’ has evolved into a social phenomenon, demonstrated by the record-setting tweets on Twitter and the conversations among viewers on Facebook during and following the series finale,” the website reads.  “The two story, 3,500sqft, four-bedroom home enjoys the luxuries of updated HVAC, electrical, plumbing, a luxurious master suite, and a gourmet kitchen while retaining the authenticity of design.”

In the show, Pinkman’s parents renovated the house and listed it for sale only to realize that Pinkman, who has a sour relationship with his parents, bought the house from under them for $850,000, paid for with drug money. ‘Breaking Bad’ ended in 2013.


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