Wayne Strandlund, Fisgard Asset Management (Canada)

Market: CA

Company: Fisgard Asset Management

Job title: CEO

Wayne Strandlund, a legend and pioneer in the private lending/MIC space, is the founder, director and CEO of Fisgard Asset Management and Fisgard Capital Corporation. He is also the president of the Fisgard Capital Corporation and a member of the credit committee of the Fisgard Asset Management. This year, he was inducted in the CMP Hall of Fame for all his brilliant work. An honors graduate of the University of Victoria, Strandlund has spent his entire career in the real estate, mortgage lending and investment business. He has been licensed under the British Columbia Real Estate Act and the British Columbia Mortgage Brokers Act since June 1968. In addition to being a member (and former president) of the Victoria Real Estate Board, a member (and former president) of the British Columbia Real Estate Association, the Canadian Real Estate Association, the Mortgage Brokers Association of British Columbia, the Mortgage Investment Association of British Columbia and the Canadian Association of Mortgage Professionals, Strandlund also served six years as a member of the British Columbia Real Estate Council, a regulatory body, and six years as a governor of the Notary Foundation of British Columbia.