Regina Lowrie, President, RML Investments

RML Investments

With more than 30 years of experience in financial services and a solid background in sales, operations, acquisitions and investments, enterprise risk management, and regulatory oversight, Regina Lowrie has extensive experience running profitable mortgage banking operations. Lowrie currently serves as president and CEO of RML Investments, which helps mortgage banking clients assess risks and navigate a volatile market of constant regulatory challenges. 

Lowrie is also president of NewDay USA Foundation, which provides scholarships to children of fallen or severely wounded veterans and those whose families have endured multiple extended deployments.

In 1995, Lowrie became the first woman to lead the MBA’s Greater Philadelphia chapter; a decade later, she was the first woman to become chairperson of the MBA. She has also served on various advisory boards and committees within the organization. An expert witness for the financial services industry, Lowrie has testified before Congress on public policy concerning GSE reform. She was a Mortgage Banking Leading Industry Women Honoree in 2013 and has received awards from the American Association for Women in Community Colleges and Montgomery County Community College for her contributions as a female leader in the industry and community.