Randy Abbey, Chief technology officer, TRK Connection

Chief technology officer
TRK Connection

As chief technology officer at TRK Connection, Randy Abbey serves as the primary architect of TRK’s flagship mortgage quality control audit platform, Insight Risk & Defect Management [RDM], which was launched in 2015. Leveraging nearly two decades of SaaS, cloud security and diverse solution development expertise, Abbey has built the mortgage industry’s first cloudbased QC audit platform that marries ease of use with advanced functionality and unmatched flexibility, allowing mortgage QC departments to mold the system around their current processes. Thanks to Abbey’s vision and technical expertise, lenders of all sizes now have the power to accelerate the QC review process through Insight RDM, enabling them to identify and remediate defects with speed and accuracy and ensure the highest levels of loan quality.

Most recently, Abbey added a data subscriptions feature to Insight RDM to enable users to exchange files and results more easily with their third-party audit firm. Through this functionality, lenders and third-party audit firms can set up one-to-one subscriptions to automate and streamline the transfer of loan data and defect findings, eliminating the need to manually transmit loan files and then re-enter defect findings into their own system of record. Lenders can also subscribe to questions sets developed by third-party audit firms – a unique feature among current QC audit platforms – to ensure that they have the most current set of audit review questions covering state, federal, GSE and other agency requirements.
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