Nancy Alley, VP of strategic planning, Simplifile

VP of strategic planning

As vice president of strategic planning for Simplifile, Nancy Alley spearheads the innovation of technology solutions that address the persistent needs of industry players, such as expensive, time-consuming lender settlement collaboration and post-closing documentation issues. Alley was instrumental in convincing the GSEs to reverse years of policy and begin accepting electronic security instruments for e-recorded loans, which represented a step toward achieving a fully electronic end-to-end mortgage transaction. Alley was also the driving force behind Simplifile’s integration with Docutech to create a seamless e-closing solution that allows digitalization of each transaction down to the document and jurisdiction level.

Alley has accumulated close to 25 years of experience in financial services and the mortgage industry. Prior to joining Simplifile, she led product strategy for ISGN and developed extensive knowledge of cloud-based offerings through her experience running Xerox Mortgage Services. She also led the product management and engineering efforts of eSignSystems and spent eight years at GE Capital Corporation, evolving her product management and business development skills in mortgage banking technology.

As a member of the board of directors for MISMO and a former co-chair of its e-mortgage workgroup, Alley is actively involved in driving adoption of industry standards and has been a constant advocate for all things ‘e’. “Nancy was a key proponent who dispelled the notion that adoption of electronic mortgages is an all-or-nothing proposal – that is, digitalization can happen one process, one success, at a time,” says MISMO vice president Jan Davis. “This simple concept has been important to making digitalization of mortgage processes infinitely more attainable for industry participants, significantly expanding adoption.”
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