Julian Hebron, Chief marketing officer, LendUs

Chief Marketing officer

Over the past year, Julian Hebron has been at the center of integrating three newly acquired mortgage firms into one collective company that funded $6.7 billion in loans in 2017. He also created the master brand LendUS, oversaw national rollout of the Home On Time App digital mortgage, and reorganized sales and marketing initiatives around the company’s signature Advance Approval program, which underwrites loans before clients make offers, enabling them to win bidding wars with cash-like offers. “Julian is known within LendUS and throughout our industry for helping consumers and industry colleagues understand the complex housing finance business,” a colleague says. “He advises software and housing media companies on strategy, and is a skilled mentor and partner to consumers, team members and investors over full market cycles.”

Hebron is a fixture on the mortgage industry speaking circuit and a thought leader on the hottest issues in the industry. In 2017, he moderated panels at MBA Tech and Mastermind on whether startup lenders will gain market share before incumbent lenders can innovate. He also served as the keynote speaker at Zillow’s annual Premier Agent Forum, delivering an address entitled “If All Lenders Are Fintechs Now, Why Are You Special?”, which outlined what it will take for lenders to survive in 2018.

In addition to his duties at LendUS, Hebron is the founder of The Basis Point, an influential finance blog for consumers, investors and industry pros that has become a go-to source on the housing economy. His work is regularly cited by key media outlets such as the Financial Times, Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, CNBC and CNN.