Jordan Bucher, Strategic member relations specialist, Mortgage Bankers Association

Strategic member relations specialist
Mortgage Bankers Association

Just over a year out of college, Jordan Bucher has become one of the key drivers behind MBA’s mPact, a network dedicated to helping young professionals – including Bucher herself – navigate and succeed in the mortgage industry.

“Throughout college, I had no idea what career path I wanted to take after graduation,” Bucher says. “I was introduced to MBA one summer and have found it very rewarding to be working in a field that aims to help millions of individuals achieve the American dream of homeownership. [Real estate finance] is an industry that is looking to add youth to its workforce and one that has immense potential for leadership opportunities down the road.”

Because the industry perceives a seemingly continuous decline in homeownership among millennials, Bucher sees the value of mPact in helping the industry better understand the mindset of this generation of homebuyers, which will help mortgage businesses come up with more fitting solutions for millennials.
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