Brent Chandler, Founder and CEO, FormFree

Founder and CEO

A widely recognized innovator in mortgage and financial services technologies, Brett Chandler created FormFree’s AccountChek in 2007 after his own frustrating home-buying experience fueled an obsession with making loans simpler and safer. Prior to that, Chandler was part of the team that created the world’s first online trade at CheckFree, which was acquired by Fiserv. He later ran several startups in the online and algorithmic trading spaces and was instrumental in leading the “aggregation revolution” at CashEdge (also acquired by Fiserv), where he oversaw sales and development of the CashEdge Wealth Management platform.

Chandler has also held senior-level positions on Wall Street at Merrill Lynch and Fidelity, where he became an expert in the mechanics of finance, witnessed the infancy of online trading and learned how to use algorithmic black boxes to enhance the performance of institutional and personal portfolios through more efficient exchanges.

Outside of FormFree, Chandler serves on the advisory board of Jawdrop, is a member of the FourAthens Tech Incubator and is a mentor for Georgia’s Terry College of Business Entrepreneurship Program. He also serves on the board of directors for the American Red Cross of Northeast Georgia.
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